Virutex Woodworking Machinery and Power Tools

Virutex Woodworking Machinery and Power Tools are based in Barcelona, Spain, and have been manufacturing tools since 1962. They are the country's leading suppliers of tools and machinery for wood, and have gained a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability.

FB Marketing Impex has been Virutex's ASEAN Distributor since 1990 and has successfully established Virutex Woodworking Machinery and Power Tools as the leading brand in the ASEAN regions.

Model: CO15L

Strip cutter for laminates, quick and easy to use. With it you obtain a clean splinterfree cut with no waste.

Cuts plastics, laminates and veneer. Cutting depth can be adjusted with micrometric measure and it has a guide on a millimeter scale with micrometric measure for easy adjustment of strip width.

Model: FC116U

Specially designed for quick, precise mortising on doors or other elements, either at the work site or in the workshop. Its special fixing system allows the mortising of doors that have already been hung, without damaging the surface. Its quick measurement adjustment permits multiple mortises to be made in record time. Also able to work horizontally.

For mortising grooved doors or those with overlap, there is an adjustment system to centre the machine.

Model: CE53S

Special purpose planer for flushing works in the manufacture of furnitures. It is ideal for flushing strips on edges. Provided with a large support surface to allow easy and safe operation.

The tool cuts accurately and is easily adjustable. The support base is height-adjustable with respect to the cutting plane of the cutter-holder. Thanks to its high power rating (1,300 W) it can be operated without risk of mechanical fatigue.

Model: AB111N

The jointing machine AB111N is specially designed for grooving panels in any position. Thanks to the design of its micrometric fence, which can be adjusted at any height and angle, and to a graphic signs it is not necessarry to take exact measurements, due that it is possible a lateral deplacement of 2 cm for adjusting the joint, once made the groove.

A pre-adjusted stopper allows to select the different grooving depths fast and easy.

Model: LB31E

Top performance belt sander for levelling and rough work. Equipped with dust collector connection.

External dust collector connection. Connection to dust collector with the standard dust collector attachment (optional).

Dust collector for LB31E (optional)

Model: FR156N

Radius trimmer, for trimming edges of PVC and veneer. Equipped with a bit of r=3 mm with bearing.

Optional bits are also available for several different radius. It allows to trimm the four sides of the board at once. Powerful motor (750 W) and electronic speed adjustmnet.

Also equipped with electronic control maintaining the speed constant, independently than the working load.

Model: EM25D

Hand gluer for glueing large surfaces using vinyl glue (White). Lower roller width: 122 mm.

Equipped with trigger shut-off device to stop the flow of glue. Also comes with a support where it can be left when not in use, thus keeping the working area and the machine clean.

Moreover, is equipped with an upper auxiliary roller for clean glueing of strips.

Model: TM72C

High precision powerful tiltable mitre saw. Cutting capacity up to 150 mm. Head can be tilted from 0° to 45°.

Equipped with adjustable upper table including adjustable square. Integral safety system. Connector for external dust collection.

Equipped with hard metal saw blade 48Z. Powerful, precise and safe.

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